Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spending Weekends in Office

I somehow have like to come to office over weekends. The peace and the space one has on a non working day is amazing. Most of my most brainy outputs have come either in late nights or when I am all alone in the office.

I am not sure what is the reason for this.

On another note I have decided to move ahead of crying and cribbing over CAT and decided to look forward with more positivity.

Had awesome fun with Flat no 20 guy Jitin. I somehow love this group- VJ, Sharma, Dheeraj, Pawn Kumar, and lately Khandelwal. Many a times i feel that this group is more closer to me than my IIT wingmates.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Looking forward..

As clear from my earlier posts, I have been quite entusiastic about IIMs. I lost in this year's CAT as well. Got 99.4%ile missed in QA 94.4%ile. Feels really bad!! Extremely Bad!!. But this is how life is.

CAT 07 - 99.3
CAT 08 - 99.7
CAT 09 - 99.4

Whenever i have failed, i have turned out to become more fighter.

I have decided to apply this year. Most likely it is going to be ISB, HKUST, Stern, Chicago, Wharton, and Tepper.

Time to take a date with GMAT.

Btw. found a nice link which talks about Manzar - the fest i was a cofounder with Vivek and Baba.

I dont know this guy. But he has written a good post on our fest. Actually praising us a lot.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Last one year post CAT.. I had lost my spirits. The hunger to add value had vanished once i joined JP Morgan. But the itch is back now. Probably joining JPM had added a comfort zone in my life. The journey is still long and i need to go strong.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CAT…CAT manne Billi

CAT – Common aptitude test of IIMs has been the most thought over wordin my brain. After writing 3 CATs, more than 60 Mock CATs, 20 leaves from office, 40 Sundays wasted, I now feel as it has gone all futile.

Years of efforts – all waste. A BIG ZERO

The story begins from my IIT days. Those were the days which seriously made me a fighter. Amongst the flood of diverse talent, I was pushed to find out what I am good at. I was looking for something which would give me some status amongst those talented IITians. I was not good at sports, not good at acads, not so good at other extra curriculars. I was quite sure that with my lower GPA, I would not end up getting those highly sought after jobs in the campus. I was looking for something which would ensure me getting a big break into corporate world. By the end of my second year, I knew about the nitty gritties of CAT. I had become a frequent visitor at and had realized that the biggest bottleneck in me getting through IIMs will be my poor command over English. After all I had started reading an English newspaper from the 2nd year only. My reading speed was quite below average. Reading was an interest for me since childhood, but most often was limited to the free content which was available to me (mostly in Hindi).

Time to change gears it was. Used to spend hours reading Economic times, Business magazines, Blogs, News based websites etc. Gradually I was improving. Came the third year – TIME had started their classes in Kgp. I always made sure I attended all of their classes- with full sincerity and concentration (somehow never felt like that for my engineering classes). I was doing well. Later on two people from that classroom got overall 100 percentiles. I remember, I was one of the quickest in quant. Mock CATs started. I was doing reasonably well, often breaking into top 200-300 in TIME’s mock CATs. Came CAT day – somehow got overcautious in the quant, ended up spending a lot of time there. Ended up getting 97.xx with 82 in VA 94.xx in DI and 99.xx in QA.

End of CAT 2006.

Got a job offer from RIL in campus placements, was not satisfied with it. Focused on my strategy for me over next one-two years. I had read somewhere, when u want to reach a top company and u don’t have an offer from the campus, join an not-so-popular company in the same sector. Changed gears, joined Evalueserve- a Gurgaon based KPO. EVS was wonderful. Improved on my verbal ability considerably there.

Came CAT 2007 time. Again Mock CATs and Sundays etc.

Got 99.26 this time. However. Lost in quant. 92.41 QA, 97.41 DI, 99.2 VA.

Got IK Calls. Decided to convert them. Converted them and then thought IK is not a place I will happy. Thought a lot, once decided to go, thought again, and finally ditched. Many people advised me about dicey nature of CAT. Somehow I never had doubts on my caliber to clear CAT. [:P] I cleared level 1 that June. Had appeared for my JP Morgan interview as well by that time. They didn’t gave me a call because they had no vacancy. They said I am on hold.

Again came CAT 2008 season:

I was quite cool about mocks this year. Joined TIME. Just before CAT left my job at Evalueserve to join JP morgan. The joining was on the next day of CAT. So I had got 15 days of leave before CAT.

CAT came ..calculated a total of 54 QA, 50 DI, 47 VA RC. English touch and go. Ended up getting 94.7 in VA. IIMs invented new tricks. 10th and 12th score entered into metrics for IIMA and IIMC PGDCM. IIMB and IIML were never a hope. IIMC PGDM missed by a whisker in English. I end up getting IK again.
Decide not to appear for interviews

99.66 OA 99.xx in QA and DI, 94.7 in VA.

Result: ZERO

IIM still remains a dream. Shall I be able to do it? Ever or it will remain a dream forever.

IIM are now not a necessity for my career, the way they looked when I had started. I am made much inroads into the world of finance. But I again the itch remains..

CAT 2009 I am coming??????????????????

Will big three open their doors for me ever?????????

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Work Life balance is a joke at JP Morgan...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Things

5 things I miss these days

Ghar ka Khana


Writing reports on India

Getting up early in the day (I used to wake up ard 5 when I was in school – believe me mornings are the best time to think)

Those early days when I had started reading Economic Times in my 2nd year at IIT (Knew so less that everything was so exciting)

5 exams I would like to do well over the next 15 months

CFA level 2 June 2008
CAT 2009 Nov 2009
FRM Nov 2009
GMAT Feb 2010
CFA level 3 June 2010

5 things I love to do


Chatting over phone

Reading Novels, Newspapers, etc.

Watching Bollywood Movies (May like one of the worst ones as well)

Bird Watching

5 things I want to achieve in my life

Study at one of the Best B-schools in the world for my MBA

Work for McKinsey & Co.

Doing a PhD from HBS

To become a world renowned professor on Strategy

To have a fulfilling family life based on love and care

Monday, February 02, 2009

The world has changed around me ….

A lot has happened since I penned my last blog. While writing my last blog post, I was towards the end of my College life. I was running a newspaper than and had become kind of anti-system. 20 Months have passed since then and life has changed considerably. This post tries to capture the changes that have happened in my life:

Weight: I have gained a whopping 22 kilograms weight. Now this is a stellar achievement. I was 59-60 kgs when I had left kharagpur. One can imagine how desperate a man would be to gain weight at 183 cms height and 60 kg weight. However, the concern now is to check this rising weight as I can see that my tummy has started bulging out.

Location: We at Kharagpur never liked the location. Kharagpur was almost like a village. No good restaurants around, no places to roam around, basically no glamour in the city. Post Kharagpur, life is getting better year by year. I joined Evalueserve in Gurgaon and then joined JP Morgan in Mumbai. And if I am to believe my senior analyst, I have a very good probability of going to an international location (for a short duration stint).

Academics: I had a hard time at kgp in terms of academics. Listening to the professors was a great torture. And many of my professors thought that having me was a torture for them as well. As a result my grades suffered. Post kgp I am into my own world. No further technology for me. I am into Equity Research now and I am happy with whatever I am doing. Academically, these last 20 months have pumped in a lot of confidence in me. I cleared CFA level 1, scored 99.7 and 99.3 percentiles respectively in CAT 2007 and 2006, A paper was published on my B.Tech project in an international journal.

IIMs looked to be dream, have almost achieved it. Though the pain of adding an “almost” will always remain in my heart. The Big three have been eluding me because of one or the other reasons. Other IIMs have been kind enough on me and I can say that I had final calls from IIMs.

Others: Had a fantastic stay at Gurgaon with my dear flatmates..I am thankful to my ex-flatmates Jitin, Varun, Pawan, Dheeraj, Harsh, Ravi, and Rishabh for making my stay at Gurgaon fun. Gurgaon was a luxury as It provided me with an opportunity to run away home almost every weekend (mock CATs were a spoiler here).

My life in Mumbai has begun on a much more happening note. My academics pursuits have taken a back seat and I am roaming around the city every weekend. My new flatmates Aashish, Vipul, and Sadde(Gurmeet) look like interesting chaps with each one having a flavour of their own(:P)

Looking back at 20 months from now, life is much happier and happening now. Lately, the job life has become much more hectic and has been spending 13-14 hrs a day in the office, quite frequently.

I hope to be frequent blogger now... :)